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Prepaid Billing Question

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 02Jan2016 set up prepaid account.  Purchased SIM for $22.60 on credit card.

 Came home and set up account online. Base plan $15 mth plus tax, plus one time $25 talk boost.

 Set Up auto top up to credit card $20 month, get 10% discount and 100 free airtime minutes bonus.  

 At activation it said charge for $22.60 on credit card.  I processed and now my Visa statement shows 2 $20 charges for 02Jan.  Can anyone explain?  Thanks.
Jan. 2, 2016  KOODO TOP UP REAPPROV 866-9956636 AB20.00

Jan. 2, 2016KOODO TOP UP REAPPROV 866-9956636 AB20.00

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Best to call Koodo direct, since we have no access to personal account info on this board.

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Thanks, called them and have it sorted.  Billed twice, they are initiating a refund.