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I'm planning to move to prepaid plan , I saw that there is a 15$ for example base plan , I was wondering as I will not be using the text service and just have some add-ons to get some calls , if I didn't use the base plan will that base plan be transferred to the next months , or I should pay 15 monthly , actually i called customer service and they told me that it's right but I want to double check as they don't always have the right answer .

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Your baseplan must be renewed every 30 days even if you dont use texting
so , you mean that I should pay the base plan monthly , but the customer service told me it's transferable !
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Your base plan must be renewed every 30 days to continue to have service.  If you pay for your base plan and dont use the phone for the entire 30 days, you will still need to renew your baseplan for the next 30 days.

Only Boosters (Talk and data) roll over until you use them all (or until you stop paying for your base plan after 90days).