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Praise/Testimonial/Feedback For Eleanor In Customer Care

Feel free to use this feedback as a review, testimonial or praise for Eleanor in customer care, and Koodo as well. Regards, Dan Hodgins Marketing Co-Founder, Millionaire Down the Road Media www.millionairedowntheroad.com "Eleanor from customer care is an angel from heaven. She helped me figure out a much cheaper plan to get for more minutes and data. She has a wonderful, caring manner, is patient, and she's very pleasant on the phone. Thanks for giving me a great experience with Koodo, Eleano. You're amazing!" Again, feel free to use my feedback as a review/testimonial/praise for Eleanor and Koodo. Thanks! Dan

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I'm sure Koodo will transmit the message to the person destined to! Just make sure to post where she was working exactly.
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Hi Dan, thank you for your compliments! I suggest that you send them by email, that way we'll be able to forward them directly to Eleanor and her manager 🙂 You can use this link http://koo.do/YqucV0. Make sure to log in your Self Serve account! Thank you!