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postpaid vs. prepaid?

I've been looking to purchase galaxy s3. The prepaid price of galaxy s3 is $450, and the regular price of the phone without tab is $300. But, I wonder what is the difference between postpaid tab? and prepaid? And what is postpaid tab anyway? How can I purchase galaxy s3 without paying $450? And in addition, is it better to buy the phone online from koodomobile.com or go to the koodo store? Thanks

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This might help you determine the difference in prepaid and postpaid, cost wise, Belle 🙂 http://goo.gl/88DFC Postpaid Tab is simple to explain: you buy a (say) $500 phone on a Tab Medium. You only paid $200 up front, Every month you contribute $5 on top of your bill towahrds your phone, And Koodo adds 15% of your bill to that. In two years, you will have paid off your phone (Tab). Whatever you choose is fine, both prepaid and postpaid have their advantages 😃
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Hi Belle, Thanks for visting the community. I am happy to explain koodo's offering on both prepaid and postpaid. With a prepaid phone, the service is limited. All the baseplans offered are only local minutes. You will have to buy canada-wide minute boosters to call outside your local calling area. You can also buy data boosters. Some customers really love prepaid because the boosters never expire and you only pay base on your usage. Thus, to some customers it really saves them money. But they just to have to know how much minutes or data is left on their account because if they run out their minutes or data will turn off. On a postpaid account, all plans are canada-wide (no roaming or long distance fees in Canada). All plans also include unlimited international text messaging (as long as your in Canada you can text anyone in the world). Some plans comes with unlimited incoming call (from anywhere in the world). Plus, you can also refer-a-friend to help pay out your tab or get additional postive tab. This means you can upgrade your phone sooner. You also get cheaper retail price compared to prepaid. To be honest, I recommend going with a postpaid account. The rate plans are generally cheaper for average user compared to postpaid.