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Postpaid plan with tab, can I cancel anytime?

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New koodo Ontario customer, buying a new phone MotoG3rd gen, if I buy on tab, can I cancel postpaid anytime, switch to a prepaid, or do I have to keep postpaid plan for 24 months? Is there a cancellation fee, or just paying off the tab and $5 for a new sim on prepaid plan?

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To do the switch, you port your number to pre-paid by establishing a new pre-paid account. Your final monthly bill consist of what you owe on the remaining tab, less a credit for the unused portion of the month, since billing is always a month in advance.

No cancellation fee and you can do the monthly => prepaid switch any time without losing any credit or $. The prepaid SIM costs $20 at a boutique only (sales partners generally do not carry) or maybe less $$ on ebay.ca. However, that $20 is credited back to your pre-paid account when you set it up and choose a base plan. If you register a credit card for automatic replenishment of your base plan, 10% of that amount is credited back to your account every time a transaction is processed.

If you want to return to postpaid, then you have to wait to deplete your pre-paid boosters as much as possible, since once you quit prepaid, they are gone forever.
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Thank You.  Now I understand.  I want to use a referral credit, get the tab discount and bonus.gift card, but will only keep for 90 days, then switch to prepaid.  My usage is mainly text only, so prepaid monthly account is more suitable, but I wouldn't get to take advantage of the above discounts if I buy it outright.  Even paying monthly fee for 90 days, is cheaper than going straight prepaid and buying the phone with sim only.