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Port/Number problem after plan change


When I initially signed up the guy at the store said to go online and change your number (So I did so, but it was to another random number, I didn't realize he meant port).

Essentially, I signed up, changed my number (really for no reason I now know), and upgraded my plan on this billing cycle, when I go to "change number" (I want to port my REAL number over), it tells me:

"Your phone number is in the process of being transferred - it is not possible to change your phone number at this time."

Do I have to wait for the NEXT billing cycle, I've been told you can only make one change per billing cycle (#,  plan, or Port; only one).


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Hi Mark, that is correct you can only change your number once per billing cycle unfortunately. Next billing cycle you'll be able to make the change no problem.
Hi Paul, thanks for the response.

I had changed the number when I first got the phone (July 20th, "new billing cycle" started on July 25, at that time I  upgraded the plan.  So I haven't changed the number this billing cycle, but did change the plan. Does Koodo see those are one in the same ?