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"port" a number and "transfer" a number

Hello everyone,

What is the difference between "port" a number and "transfer" a number to Koodo?


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Oops, answered you here https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/how_long_does_it_take_to_transfer_a_cell_number_to_ko...

But if you have additional questions, please use this new thread, thanks 🙂
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In that instance, they effectively mean the same thing. Transferring a number often means changing the ownership of a number - for instance, taking a number (and plan) you have managed for a child, and transferring it to their own account & responsibility. Porting usually means changing service providers - for instance moving your phone service from Telus to Koodo.
I have transferred my fongo (free paid) number today to koodo. still i can't receive any calls. i turned it off and on but didn't matter.
in self serve it still says transferring number is in process!!!
just another question:
in self serve in "view usage" there are "koodo mobile" and "airtime". what is the difference between these two?
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Can we have a screenshot of what you are seeing?