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Poor Signal Surrey

  • 24 February 2018
  • 3 replies

I live in the area of 58th ave and 144th st in Surrey and even in a dense residential area very close to the old city hall with RCMP and courts still there, the signal is very poor. My previous phone was with Telus and had the same problem. Where do I complain (perhaps if enough do they will add a new access point in the area)?

3 replies

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Complain to Telus as they own Koodo. Maybe try their forum to find out exactly who to complain to.

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Looks like you're closer to a grouping of cellular antenna arrays at 142 St and 57 Ave. It's possible one of the antennas has malfunctioned or requires service. Another possibility is that since your phone may not be connecting to the cell site nearest you, your phone might be trying to access the cell site/tower near 144 St and 64 Ave. This cell site is farther away from where you are which might explain the poor signal issue. 

A call in to TELUS, (1-866-558-2273, tech support), explaining your situation, and asking if there are any signal or antenna issues in your area may be of help, before launching a complaint.

Cell tower/site locating tool. (Un-check the boxes to show only TELUS towers). 

Capture of rooftop of building off of 142 St. Green squares highlight cell antennas.

Open Signal is an app which will allow you to see which cell site or tower the phone connects to. Zoom in to the map to see which tower the phone is connected to.
Great answer, indeed I am connected to that tower group and the coverage is spotty in my direction. I have used the app and reported my issues and will phone Telus support as well. They are doing a major courthouse expansion in the building next to the rooftop where the antennas are so that may be part of the problem.