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Poor reception since upgrading to S7.

In December 2016, I upgraded from my old, reliable Samsung S4 to a new Samsung S7, at which point I had to give up my grandfathered plan to change to $59.00/month, 2gb data + unlimited calling. Since doing so, my new S7 has been sporadic in terms of reception/coverage. Often, when it does show as being in LTE coverage...if I try to pick up an incoming call, make an outgoing call, or send a text, it reverts to 4G, and does not allow a call/text to go through. Additionally, I receive occasional text messages stating that I am roaming internationally (US) in areas in which I have never received them before ie, my home, which is several km away from the US border.
At this point, I am waiting out the required period to pay off my tab (90 days, I believe?) so that I can port my number to my husband's carrier. I would like my phone to work as a phone...not simply a camera or a tablet when in Wifi.
Is anyone else experiencing anything similar, or can anyone offer a resolution to get me through to March, when I can pay off my tab?

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Different phones implement their antenna array differently, so it is very possible you new phone acts differently than your old one.

To stop the US cell tower connecting to your phone, you can go to Settings > Carrier and turn off Automatic selection of carrier. Choose Koodo from the list that populates. 

It might be worth turning LTE and see if it improves. Koodo does not yet offer Voice over LTE, so the switch won't affect your calls.

Before you switch carriers, you might want to confirm the alternate carrier will work for your phone & location. Possibly you can insert your husband's SIM in your phone for a while to try it out. It would be unfortunate to make all those changes to find the phone works no better.
Thank you for your quick reply, David. As suggested, I manually selected Koodo as my carrier. It is now showing "emergency calls only"...in my home, where my S4 had very good reception. The same thing happened when I turned off LTE. This is why I believe it is directly related to the phone, and not necessarily Koodo's network.

I would attempt to swap out my husband's iphone SIM with my own; but, because my phone is locked to Koodo (and his, to his carrier), would it work?

At this point, I may see if I can still purchase a SIM that is compatible with my S4, along with a new battery (I only upgraded because it needed to be charged more often).

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Does this only happen at home and the area around it or elsewhere as well?
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It is possible that the SIM card is faulty, or that there is an internal issue with the phone's antenna or other components.  I would like to suggest requesting a new replacement SIM and see if that helps the situation.  All phones do carry a 1 yr warranty.
The only places I have noticed that it happens are at home, as well as my place of work (just 9km away); however, these are the only places that I typically have my phone out and visible. While away from home, it is typically in my purse or pocket...so I can't be entirely sure.

I should note: this evening, I tried to make an outgoing call, using my vehicle's bluetooth, and it simply disconnected the call, after attempting to dial...it didn't ring, etc. This could have been for any reason; but, then again, it could be related. The connectivity issue seems to be occurring more and more often.
A new SIM is definitely worth a try! I will contact Koodo tomorrow morning; or, if I am unable to get through, I will go to a Koodo store to purchase one directly. From what I can see, the plan I have is competitive; so, I will try my best to get this phone to cooperate, so that I can stay with Koodo.
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LisaDanKle wrote:

A new SIM is definitely worth a try! I will contact Koodo tomorrow morning; or, if I am unable to...

If the new sim does not solve the problem, then it could be a phone issue too.  in this case it would need to be sent out for warranty repair work

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And FYI, you could have kept your grandfathered plan if you wanted to.  I think those older plans only qualify for a lower Tab amount.  
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Is there any word on when koodo will have the wifi calling in the near future thanks