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Policy of replacment phones

I bought a phone on contract with koodo, and I pay an extra 6$ a month for a replacement phone when needed, now my phone is not physically damaged, nor is it water damaged. But it is having mechanical issues. And I'm wondering how the replacement phone works. ( I had this same deal with virgin, but they wouldn't comply with the agreement of phone replacement on contract even without the phone being damaged at all. And further investigation of the contract is on going due to the lies I was fed ) so I am curious if I bring my phone in to be replaced, will I have to deal with anything other than signing a form to state I replaced it? Am I going to have to pay more money for a new phone, even though I pay 6$ extra a month for this? Will I run into the same bs I had with virgin? my contract is close to being up, I wouldn't mind staying with koodo, but I will not pay more $ for a new phone replacement after sinking 6$ a month for 2 years to have this done. Please let me know. ( sorry if this came off sassy, or malicious. I just don't want to be jerked around by another phone company on none compliance to details on the contract. ) My phone is the Samsung galaxy core, on the 60$ plan ( which isn't that great for 60$ ) Plan consists of; free calling AFTER 5 pm. Unlimited text, and only 750mb of data. On 2 year contract. Location; Calgary, AB.

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According to the agreement, there is a 79$, charge to replace a damaged phone..

However, workmanship or software issues can usually be fixed by the extended Warranty process.

You should bring the phone to s kiosk and let them evaluate what needs to happen next. Edit : koodo doesn't have two year commitments, you're free to upgrade any time and change your plan every month.
I have, I keep getting told to call a 1-800 number, and that number tells me to take it to a kiosk. I'm in a paradox here. Lol
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Hi Kevin! 

With the Extended Warranty, all inquiries must be addressed to eSecuritel at this number 1-844-574-1839. If they are referring you to a store, then that means that they have no record of your Extended Warranty. You can confirm that you are indeed charged that monthly fee by looking at your Self Serve in the 'View rate" plan section.

Here is a link with more info on the Extended Warranty: http://koo.do/1TTb2S4 

Therefore, if you have the Extended Warranty, I would suggest you call eSecuritel again. 

Hope that helps 🙂