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Please tell me how remove sim card so I can reboot my phone

  • 3 January 2016
  • 5 replies


5 replies

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Hi Angela,

Please tell us what phone you have so that we can tell you how to do so
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What kind of problem are you having with the phone? There are several LG Android devices out there, can you be more specific as to the model number or name? (e.g. LG G3 or LG-D852). You can find the model number by going into Settings > About phone. Or if the phone has a removable battery, there's a label affixed to the battery compartment with the model number printed on it.
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On some phones, you have to push it in a little bit more as if you were trying to insert it. On others, the SIM hold flips up and the SIM lies flat. That'sa why it's important to let us know what model it is as Mathieu explained.
Lg Android
I removed my sim card and still having this problem