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please restore my lost contacts for me asap please

I reset my samsung SGH-T599V thinking i would still have my contacts but there gone help me get them back please i tried with my pc failed please helpfast

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I don't think koodo can do that for you. Your contacts are stored on your phone not on your account.
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Unless you saved them to your Google account, SIM Card or Phone Storage via .vcf file you may not be able to get them back. Try going into contacts and importing from SIM or phone storage. If you've logged into your Google account already (if you have one) and they haven't come automatically then you did not merge them with your Google account.
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Helear wrote:

I hope recovery software  could help you in getting your data back ,  there are a numbe...

Please don't resurrect ancient posts.
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how to restore lost contacts from android
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graceyin2017 wrote:

Hello, friend. If you want to recover data from Samsung without backup, you can try [url=htt...

Considering this thread is 2 years old and your reply is spam, I doubt that it'll be of help to anyone.