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I'm just wondering about the galaxy s4... is it ready to buy, cause the coming soon thing is really confusing me. please help.

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Its not even released yet really, the release parties were last night but most places are expecting to actually have phones available later this week. Just keep an eye on Koodo and as soon as its available they will change it from "coming soon" to available in store or online or both. With limited quantities worldwide who knows really, just act quick because they'll be gone fast. Telus has a like 3 week wait on black models and as Koodo looks as they may only offer black it could be a few weeks, unless black stock went all to Koodo from Telus..
okay thank you!
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OR you could also go into the nearest Koodo store near you if you don't live in a populated area. When the iPhone 5 got out, many sotre still had them in stock even if they were sold-out almost at every other shop!!