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please help me solve the problem

  • 31 July 2019
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I have visited canada in year 2016 i used your service for 2month. I have paid the first month but didnt pay the second month and went back to korea after that i went to military service in korea so i had no way to contact or to pay the fee and now that i have finished my military service i was trying to pay the fee but my account as koodo was deleted and i dont know any other way to pay for my fee i wanted to go back to canada but i dont if they will let me enter the country with this problem so im begging can you please tell me the way to pay my fee i know the time has passed too much but please i want to solve this problem as soon as possible i already emailed the koodo worker in Vancouver but theres still no answer coming back... please help me solve this problem
My name is kim jiho
My number that i used that time was 17788797768

5 replies

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Were you a prepaid or postpaid customer? If postpaid, did you receive the bill?

Owing money to a private firm wouldn't affect your Visa/Immigration status. You don't have to worry about it. All you have to do is to make sure if you actually owned money to Koodo and pay that amount. Did you receive any emails/call from Koodo or collection service, saying that you need to pay?
Yes i received the emaill about how much i need to pay
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Yes i received the emaill about how much i need to pay
When did you receive it? and did you pay? You could try to contact Koodo directly and ask them about your balance and ask if they sent your bill to collection service. Send message to their facebook if you are oversea https://www.facebook.com/Koodo
Dinh thank you for answering to my question all the time
I received it in 2018 march the last message but when i traveled in 2016 july
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It's probably long since handed over to a collection agency. It probably is no huge deal to enter Canada again, but it would sure affect your credit score.

As Dinh said, your best bet is to contact Koodo on Facebook private messenger and ask how/if it can be sorted!