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Please help me pick a plan

Trying to find the best koodo plan for my needs. Just moved to Ottawa area. Like Android, prefer Samsung phones. Open to an older model Samsung (still using my Galaxy SII so anything will be an upgrade!). Use mostly data (3-4 GB/month enough) and texting. Frequently text to the USA and occasionally call, too. Would rather not be locked into a 2-year contract but willing to if the price warrants it.

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Depending on if you're in ottawa or hull, it will determine how lucky you get. In QC you can get 6GB for 60. In ON you are looking at 60-65 for 3GB or 75 for 4. The only Samsung phone worth getting in my opinion via Koodo is the Galaxy S6 and newer. All plans include international texting and US call rates can be found on the site. There's tabs vs contracts for 240-504 off the phone to be repaid in monthly installments over 24 months. .
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Right now is a great time to get plans with Koodo, most of all plans currently include a bonus gb of data! (Usually the plans have 1gb less). With Koodo, there is no benefit of getting a phone, although sometimes you might also get a bonus.gift. You will be adding the cost of the phone to your monthly phone bill for the next 24 months.
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No matter which plan you take, if you frequently call the US, make sure you get the Unlimited US calling add-on for $10. Keep in mind this still uses the minutes in your plan, but since all of the high GB plans have unlimited calling anyway, that won't be an issue. If you're willing take Tab, the S5 Neo is quite a good phone on Tab M right now (don't buy it outright, it's not worth it). It's basically a refreshed S5 with a newer processor and software.