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please help me make my phone work lol

okay so i had an iphone, smashed it to bits.. it was prepaid and since the phone doesnt work i switched from rogers to koodo on prepaid and took my rogers number, that i was using on my iphone. now the people i used to text on my iphone cant recieve my texts and i cant recieve theirs.. any ideas? it says it switched successfully, when i call my number i wanted does come up and some people can recieve my texts but not others?

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You need to unregister the iphone to begin with. Follow the instructions here: https://discussions.apple.com/message/23277884
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Sounds likes you do not have data on your phone. When messaging on your iPhone, it will either use iMessage or SMS. iMessage requires a data connection to send, while SMS does not. To tell which one your iPhone is trying to send the message, check the colour of the message bubble. Blue means iMessage and SMS is a green bubble. If the people who are not receiving your texts have blue bubbles, then you need to have a data plan or connect to WiFi to send them messages.

Using an android now thanks anyways