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Please fix my phone

I live in small town in Alberta right now, i bought pixel 2 from koodo in January 2018
and now it's suddenly won't turn on won't charge etc,
i tried everything hard reset, soft reset etc
i phone call koodo and he said that i have to bring my device to koodo store,
nearest koodo store is in edmonton 4 hr drive from me and i dont have a car,
i went to vancouver to visit my friend and i visited koodo in pacific centre
they said they can send to service centre but i have to pick it up in vancouver again,
my town to vancouver is 9 hours drive and 12 hrs by bus one way

in koodo website said that i can send by mail and returned to me by mail
as long it's still covered by warranty

this is stressful situation for 1000$ phone, really koodo??

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hi Rick,
Their official Policy is here: https://www.koodomobile.com/help/warranty-and-repair-policy
I believe you could ask for a mailer to your home as per their policy.

Have you tried to contact Google directly? Koodo acts as a "middle-man" to repair your device. They don't "fix" your device themselves.

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You'll have to contact Koodo for a return mailer. You can message them on facebook or twitter or request a callback at https://koodomobile.com/chat
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Heyyo, by chance have you tried holding down the power button and volume down button? If you're lucky it'll go into bootloader mode and you can flash it via a PC using fastboot commands... If not? It will definitely need to be sent in for warranty repairs. Such is the way with any device be it $1000 or $100. It has warranty to guarantee it'll work for at least a year.

If you are lucky enough to get it into bootloader? Try this guide
https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.andr... Lol oops amp link... Meh it'll still work