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Please bring the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact!

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Koodo Mobile needs to bring quality name brand phones to their lineup. Alcatel *coughcough This phone has a great form factor and brings a solid android competitor to the iPhone without a huge screen size.

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Historically, Nicolas, Koodo has tried to provide lower priced phones to its customers. Of course, some very popular models found their way in since demand was very high and not carrying said models would be akin to business suicide (iPhones, the Galaxy S series, the Note2 and upcoming Note4, etc). The demand for Sony phones (although great and very nice devices) is sadly not there. They've been asked for by name a couple of times on these forums, but day in and day out at Koodo kiosks and 3rd party retailers, people flock to either iPhones and Galaxy S devices, or they get whatever is $0 on that day. Of course, I'm not in charge of the decisions at Koodo as I'm a customer just like you are, but going by gut feeling, I'd say we won't see a Sony device in the lineup for the foreseeable future.
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Hi David, I totally agree with you and that is why there should be much better listing of specs (another Koodo idea in consideration) but also better advice from reps. It boggles me that there is the Samsung mini being recommended over the Motorola G. Demand will only come also if Koodo stops advertising the iPhone and Samsung on their website..
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Nicolas wrote:

Hi David, I totally agree with you and that is why there should be much better listing of specs (...

I can feel your frustration because Koodo really only carries a couple of brands of phones which includes, iPhones, Samsungs, Blackberry(?) and Motorolas(?). I think because Koodo is aimed to provide cheaper and lower price phones to customer and the fact that Telus owns Koodo, may lead to the reason why Koodo does not have much of a line-up. However, Koodo's device line-up has improved over the years and hopefully we can expect it to expand and improve over time as well. In all honesty however, I don't think Koodo will bring a Sony device unless it is very high in demand, which in reality, is not.