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  • 15 February 2015
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I have a galaxy s5 ....i got the 59$ plan ...um would have been nice if it was 52$ ...1$ off is lame come on koodo ...lets see better why only a dollar off? And where are some newer phones? This check back later isnt kool blackberry and LG phones would be nice come on!

2 replies

Ya agree with your points
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What are you talking about $1 off? If you mean for bringing your own phone and getting the SIM Only plan, you get 2gb of data instead of the 1gb that's on the $60 plan which is a huge savings above the $1 that the price difference suggests. I agree Koodo needs more selection of devices but we seem to be the minority as Koodo goes with what the masses buy and the masses buy Samsung and Apple devices. That is until this year when HTC releases the new M9 which if rumours are true will be the perfect device and IMO will become the best selling Android device of the year and I hope Koodo makes the right decision to carry it.