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Plan upgrading possible?

As a new pay & talk customer I was under the impression I would receive the $50.00 plan which would allow me to, not only have free incoming calls, but free outgoing calls aswell (messaging also included) Only after leaving the koodo vendor did I realize that I had received the $35.00 plan which allows only for free incoming calls and I can only dial out between 6pm And 8am on weekdays along with anytime over the weekend. I am a business woman volunteering for a homeless shelter in my community and I thought I had been specific when telling the rep that daytime calling was a must especially during the week! I want to upgrade my plan and I haven't even had my phone a week. Am i Able to just pay the extra $15.00 to have my plan upgraded? I can not afford paying another $50.00 to upgrade my plan only one week after purchasing a $35.00 plan! What do I do?

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Hi Randi,

I would suggest you call Koodo using *611 from your phone and explain the situation to the rep, they may be able to assist and switch you to the plan you need
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Or you can just add a talk booster for now and upgrade your plan when it's almost expired.