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Plan change problems

I'm trying to change my plan from the 750 MB of data, 750 anytime minutes and unlimited messaging to the 500 MB of data, 500 anytime minutes and unlimited messaging since I never come anywhere close to 750 of either of those but the self serve isn't letting me do it. Is anyone else having this problem and why isn't it letting me do so?

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What is the problem self serve is giving you? What error message are you getting?
This is happening to me.I called customer service to change my plan and they said its free if I do it online. The customer service rep told me to go to self serve and choose "phone service".There is no link or title under"phone service". Also I am trying to view my bill and usage for the last month and all I see is my total and plan costs and taxes!
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After you choose "phone service", click on your number. It will show you your current plan. Then click " change my plan" and follow the instructions. And to see your bill. Log into self serve account > Go to billing > download your bill. You can't do this with through app.
I dont see anything that says "phone service". Maybe I need to be on a computer..which I dont have...just my phone for internet service. Also I go to Koodoo self serve and to billing but there is nothing got download my bill. I wanted to see my usage so I know which plan is better for me !
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Have you register for self serve?http://help.koodomobile.com/self-serve/registering/how-do-i-register-for-self-serve
I have!
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Log into self serve > Tap menu(3lines on top left) > phone service

Then click your phone number > you will see your plan > Chang my plan