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Pixel - water damage

I dropped my Pixel briefly in some water. I dried it as quickly and best I could and it works fine except for the outward-facing camera which doesn't work and the battery drains much quicker than before. Has anyone had experience with this - are there options/solutions for getting this fixed through Google or Koodo, or is my only option replacement? Thanks in advance!

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To my knowledge, there is no way to  repair water damaged devices, as so many different components might be affected over time. While you might get a repair of the camera, the battery problem you describe could be due to many issues, and likely only addressable by replacement.
If you can manage with the phone as it is, put off replacement as long as you can, then purchase a replacement when it makes most sense for you. In the meantime, you can see if anyone will try to effect a repair for you. 
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Even if not only addressable by replacement, it'll likely need to be cracked open to be dried out fully if it won't on its own. Some contacts might be getting corroded and such. That'll cost a fair bit (labour) if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself or someone you know who would be knowledgeable with that sort of thing. Of course your warranty is done for anyways due to the water damage, but you run the risk of damaging it further so whatever you feel comfortable doing.