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Pixel Refund

I think as most people are now coming to realize, the Pixel is a piece of crap. I can't make calls, or receive calls without having to restart in safe mode. I've deleted most of my third party apps to try and fix this but it's still not working.

I plug headphones in, yes all the way in, and the music comes out through the phone speakers. If I am making a call and don't hear the sound of the person on the other line, I click speaker phone and can hear them, but they can't hear me, then I go back to normal call and hear nothing.

Other than these larger issues, the Pixel is generally slow and glitchy and it's not just me. Everyone I talk to with a Pixel is having issues. The Pixel is a $900 CND phone...I still have $500 left on my tab for a phone THAT CAN'T MAKE CALLS.

Not to be dramatic but this is a bit criminal, no? This is something you call the consumer protection agency about. How can people be charged that much money and be forced to accept an inferior product? I say screw that, where is my refund? 

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If it's within 15 days of purchase you can get a full refund. Otherwise you can send it in for repair or take up complaints with Google. Koodo just sells the phones, they don't make them.
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Allan wrote:

If it's within 15 days of purchase you can get a full refund. Otherwise you can send it in for re...

You can also make a complaint to the CRTC. Maybe some kind of lemon law is an idea
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Have you backed up your personal info and tried performing a factory reset?
If not I'd try that I haven't heard of that many issues with the Pixel especially it being slow and glitch as it's raved to be the fastest android phone on the market right now by all reviewers . The issues they all seem software based so if you haven't tried a factory reeset try that as well as making sure the phones software is updated to the most recent version.
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You meant the pixel 2? they don't have a 3.5mm jack anymore, you need to use a dongle to have audio output/input with a headphone with 3.5mm jack.

If you use your 3.5mm jack to control phone calls, make sure it is an Android-compatible one. Some headphone with mic are for iPhone only and you cannot use them to make call.

The pixel 2 is one of the phone got the latest chip from Qualcomm, I don't think it is slow. What apps were you playing at the time?

The return procedures are here https://www.koodomobile.com/help/returning-or-exchanging-your-koodo-phone