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Pixel microphone issue

I've bought a Pixel from Koodo couple months ago, and now the microphone and speaker do not work sometimes. Also, the screen goes back and the phone freezes too. I did factory reset and the issue was fixed for 4-5 hours but it came back again. Just wondering how the warranty works and whom should I contact to. Thanks

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Hi Negar, visit your local Koodo kiosk and they will send it away for warranty repair. They will contact you if it's something not covered under warranty to see if you want to pay the estimate they will give you to fix it. If it's indeed a manufacturer issue then they will fix it free of charge.
Since it comes and goes though it could very well be a specific app you have installed. Maybe try a factory reset and then take notice of an app you install or use when it initially occurs.
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It was a known issue with Pixels built before January, and it was caused by faulty solder joints in the phone. If yours was manufactured before January, it may be your issue. Warranty should replace/repair it for you.
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Oh I also forgot to mention that if you don't have a kiosk near you that you can call Koodo customer service and request they send you a prepaid mailer and you can send it in that way. If you do have a kiosk near by then definitely go there it's much faster. Last time I took a phone for repair I had it back in like 3 days so maybe you'll get lucky and have a similar experience.