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  • 25 August 2015
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why is your service SUCKING so hard right now?I was trying to make a very important call and I got nothing..no text and no call service! This is the second time. And you don't send people notification of problems!!! Yes I restarted my phone..TWICE..Yes I have internet connection and yes everything was working just fine....then I went outside an hour later..had to make an important call and I got nothing!! RIDICULOUS

4 replies

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What kind of phone do you have? Where are you? Is there anyone else in the area with a koodo phone that is working? When you scan for networks does koodo appear in the list? Have you contacted tech support? Do you receive any specific error messages? People here would be happy to help, but this is a customer forum. Nobody here can access your account, or see any information that you do not provide.
I have a Samsung galaxy 3. Im in fredericton nb. My son's wasn't working either. He has an iphone.Ummm if I was outside of the home and couldn't make a call how would I call tech support if I couldn't get a call through? I never get any error messages except when I tried to send test texts to people nothing would go. "FAILED" But now that I am back online..my phone is working properly again. Sending messages and getting calls. I know it's the server I just wish there were some sort of warning or posts about it.
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I have a Samsung galaxy 3. Im in fredericton nb. My son's wasn't working either. He has an iphone...Hi Sonya,

As a IT professional, you never quite expect a server to crash or go down, and when it happend, you want to resolve is as quckly as possible. Koodo tends to post about outages when it's huge areas that are affected, in your case it could have been just your nearest tower that went down. No way for us to know though