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Picture messaging not working on Nexus 5

For some reason, my picture messaging doesn't work. My data is turned on and I have the koodo.sp setting done, as I read in other community forums. Other ideas? I've tried everything I can find...

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Did it work before? Try restarting the device.
I've done that multiple times. Hasn't worked in over a week now.
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Is your data turned on? Settings Wireless and networks More Mobile network Data Enabled
Yes, data is on, everything else works.
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Go into your text messages and delete any messages or conversations you no longer need.
I just did that and still not working.
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Are you able to access the Internet with wifi turned off?
Not right now apparently, but I usually can when I'm not on wifi.
It's working now.
*data is working while wifi is off now.
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Did you have to change something to get data going?