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Picture messaging not working (I still want to be able to use data for other apps/internet)

I've had this problem in the past with an older phone, and have seen the same question all over the place, except from people wanting to use picture messaging without data.
I just got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2, bought from someone else who bought it directly from Koodo) and once again, I can't receive or send picture messages.
This is the only solution I've seen out there https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/false_advertising_of_unlimited_picture_messaging but it makes it so data doesn't work with other apps like the browser or google maps. I'm on a prepaid plan, but I occasionally throw a bit of data on.
How do I get picture messaging to work while not disabling data for everything else?

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Note: not %100 clear what the question is...but I do believe you need data to send "multi media messages"(pictures , long text messages, etc)
I have data, it's enabled and everything, but I cannot send or receive picture messages.
I did some searching and many other people have had this problem.
But the people who asked, wanted to be able to use their unlimited picture messaging without using data, either because they were on prepaid or didn't have data included in their plan.
So the solutions they were given, like the one I linked, had them change the mobile network settings so data was only used for SMS,  but disabled for everything else so they wouldn't get charged extra.

I am asking how to get my picture messaging to work, without disabling data for other apps.
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Hey there! On Prepaid, data doesn't have to be enabled for your MMS to work, it will work automatically. That is one of the benefits of being on a Prepaid plan. Can you make sure that your APN corresponds to the one here http://koo.do/1RfGEQ5? Are you able to use data at all, or it is also not working?