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Picture messaging: Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4: Is it normal for the phone to not open picture messages without being on data? I don't understand why I can't use a wifi connection to download picture messages.

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That is how HSPA phones and network is designed. It's the same with any carrier. Data needs to be on. There is no other way. You can edit the APN settings for most Samsung phones to allow MMS without using "regular" data here: https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=PtOmU6ziHZOdyAT6-IGADA&url=http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/change_apn_to_disable_internet_while_enabling_mms_on_samsung_ace_2&cd=1&ved=0CB0QFjAA&usg=AFQjCNGsZcWKFHc1rV1xEhuzVR2p5hYHBQ&sig2=_jyZp7p6AJ-hYFD9V2dlfA
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It is normal. The thing is, the picture is stored on Koodo's server, so the only way to access it is through Koodo's data service. If it were possible to connect to Koodo's server through wifi to send photos everyone could do it, not just Koodo customers or even just Canadians. I just don't think Koodo's multimedia messaging server can handle that kind of workload. (Plus, if any non-Koodo customer used Koodo's server that's money out of Koodo's pocket.)