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Pic Messaging Failing On Moto G

I try sending pic messages via my Moto G but somehow my clients aren't getting the pics. I work in sales so sending pics is crucial. I have the unlimited pic messaging in my plan but somehow its not working. Need help ASAP as this may cost me business on the long run, and may have to switch providers

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Make sure your Mobile Data is turned on, you must have mobile data to send and receive pics. Pic messaging does not count towards your data on on your data plan. If you have your mobile data turned on, try switching on airplane mode, then turn off airplane mode. if that doesn't work power off your phone, remove the battery and sim card, wait a few minutes re-assemble your phone, turn it on and try again.
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Your clients also need to have data enabled on their phones. As many folks seem to be turning data off, and relying on Wi-Fi, MMS often are not received. It might be simplest to send your pictures by email, rather than MMS