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Phones That Are Not Old Disappear from the List

  • 3 February 2015
  • 2 replies

Hi, back in the Fall of 2014 I saw Koodo had Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and 4. I just went back to pick a plan and buy the #3 but its gone and so is a lot of selection...its shrinking. I can't afford a $700 phone and the #3 was at the right price point. Does anyone know why they got rid of this phone?

2 replies

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Yea Koodo's phone selection sucks But they never had the Note 3. It was the Note 2. Not sure if that makes a difference since it it still gone 😞 If you are lucky, maybe a kiosk has some old inventory but it has been a while now.
#2... ooops. Thanks Dennis.