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Phone works but haven't activated yet?

Do I need to activate my phone? When I use my phone it works? I'm on a monthly plan.

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Where are you? Did you just upgrade? If you did all that has to be done is for the old sim to be placed into the new phone. As long as the sim is active, the phone is active. Enjoy
Brand new customer, I'm in Toronto
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Yup so as long as your sim is working your phone is too. Nothing more to do. 😉
Strange, why do some new customers require activating while others do not? I mean I just got this SIM with my phone today.
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It all depends on the phone itself and if it is postpaid vs prepaid service. There are times a postpaid sim card phone (HSPA/LTE) requires programming but it is rare. Non-SIM phones (CDMA) usually require programming in order to be used.
I bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace II with a monthly plan
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Sheldon Chan wrote:

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace II with a monthly plan

Still a hit or miss scenerio. I can't say there is one or more specific models of phones. From my experience in tech support, it's pretty random