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phone wont let me call outside my area code why is that?

hi i am a samsung GS3 user and I live in kingston ON. I am out of town and my phone this isn't the first time this has happen but it will not allow me to phone anyone outside of kingston. Why isn't my phone letting me call anyone. this is my question

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Are you dialing the entire 11 digits of the # your trying to call
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Have you tried putting a 1 before the number you are dialing?
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Are you with prepaid and don't have any Talk boosters? You can't call any LD #s without a Talk booster.
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It's a good idea to save phone numbers in their full format. Your cell phone is smart enough to make the right call no matter where you are if you do this (and it doesn't even need to be a smartphone). let's say that the number you're saving to your contacts is (613) 555 - 5555. You would input it like this +1 613 555 5555. +1 would be added before each Canadian or US area code. For international numbers, you'd have to add a different code (+44 for the UK, for example). If you do this, your calls and texts should always be routed correctly, no matter what city, province, or country you may be in, or what provider you're currently with.