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phone wont charge

i have played around with different cable and wall charger boxes and my phone will only charge on a bran new cable or box, i now have 5 different cable/wall charger box that will not charge my phone, they did initially for a week or two but after that it no longer works, and i am stuck stealing my daughters cord/wall charger to recharge my phone. I am hesitant at spending on another as last 5 have failed eventually.   I need to know if i still have coverage on my phone for repairs, is their a way to do that without calling in? or  is there some tab in selfserve that would give me that information?   or is their anything else i could try, short of sending the phone in for repairs, to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance

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By the sound of it your charging port on your phone is damaged which is usually why only a different charger will work because it's still tight. If this is the case it's considered physical damage and isn't covered under any manufacturer warranty for any brand of phone. This is usually caused by using the phone while it's plugged in which is a big no no as it slightly bends the port little by little till it gets too loose to work or in alot of cases will break the connection off the circuit board inside the phone. You can bring it for repair but if this is the case be prepared to have to pay for the repair.
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I assume the cables and wall chargers all work for your daughter's phone?

If so Paul has the right things to do.