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Phone won't text?

I have a Samsung note 3 and the texts won't send. I have full bars and I can call and receive phone calls, but I have trouble receiving and sending texts. Tried taking out the battery & sim card but it didn't work. Heelp 😞

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So the same people who call you sends texts to the exact same number and nothing goes through to you? Same with you sending out texts? Are you using the default messaging app? Would you mind trying Hangouts or some other app if that's what you're using and see what happens?
Anyone I try to text or receive a text from doesn't work. I've tried with about 5-6 people and the results were the same. It happens mostly in the evenings though, in the morning and throughout the day it's usually fine. I also tried using hangouts, and nothing different happened. The texts still aren't sending. 
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Look in your text message settings for a line that says message centre. It should be set to +16475800172. If it is set to anything else texting will not work.
That is the number on the message center
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Try going to: Settings > Application Manager (you may need to touch the More tab first) - swipe left to see the ALL list of apps. Scroll down to and tap on Messaging. Tap 'Clear Data' and restart your phone, (power off and on). Try sending a text message to yourself or to a friend to test.

If the above doesn't resolve the problem, Samsung recommends a factory reset. This process wipes the contents of your phone. Data on the SD card is not deleted, (if one is installed). I've added a link to a video that shows how to perform a factory reset on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


A factory reset will return the phone back to when you first bought it. Keep in mind, mobile data will automatically re-enable itself. Skip past setup until you see the home screen. Tap the menu softkey (lower left button on phone) and select Settings. Tap the CONNECTIONS tab, then scroll to and tap More networks. To disable mobile data, tap to uncheck Mobile data, then tap OK. Resume setup and try sending a text message.
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Did you accidental turn off cellular data on your phone?
The factory reset ended up doing the trick.. it just sucks because I had to reinstall everything and I still don't know what caused this if it ends up happening again. But thank you for all the answers!

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Claudia Lamothe wrote:

The factory reset ended up doing the trick.. it just sucks because I had to reinstall everything ...

You might want to have a routine backup so you can restore your setup  to prevent the frustration of having to reinstall everything again.
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@Claudia. Download the computer application, Samsung Smart Switch. This will create a backup of your phone and will restore your device when needed. Note: some backup criteria, (marked with an asterisk), may not appear as this depends on the model of Samsung phone used. Samsung Smart Switch http://www.samsung.com/ca/support/smartswitch/ [b]Personal Content Contacts S Planner* Messages S Note* Memo Call logs Clock Internet S Health* [b]Multimedia, apps Images Music Videos Documents Voice Memo Applications (and/or application data) [b]Multimedia (SD card) Images Music Videos Documents Voice Memo [b]Settings, etc. Email Home screen Settings