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Phone won't receive MMS picture texts anymore, why?

My husband got an Alcatel one touch and at first he was able to receive picture messages. Now when he tries to open a picture that was sent to him it says "downloading" then it says connection error. He's still able to get texts, just not pictures. Is there a setting on his phone that I need to change or do I need to call Koodo to get them to fix it?

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Mobile data must be enabled on the phone in order to send/receive MMS, even when connected to WiFi. You're not charged for any data used for MMS, but it must be on.
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Hey Karla! you need to make sure mobile data is turned on. You can simply check this setting under settings>data usage>data on if it's on next step is to restart the phone 😃
We'll try that, thanks! I may have turned if off by mistake. Not used to flip phones!! lol