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Phone won't light up after cracked screen was fixed

I replaced my digitizer or part of my screen or whatever you want to call the top part because it had cracked due to heat and was unusable. It worked and lit up but had faint lines through it and the back button didn't light up an a couple random things like that were a bit funny. I took it apart again to fix the lines and now it won't even light up. The buttons light up, (well one does, not a biggy), and the screen lights up but stays black. I even tried a third digitizer. Any help, suggestions would be very much appreciated. No idea if this is even worth it. THANK YOU!!! 🙂

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I'm thinking you may have missed a connection or two when you were putting it back together. Did you carefully watch the youtube tutorial videos on how to do this? If not, watch again and try again! 3rd digitizer? May I ask where you are buying them from? I've been sitting with my replacement digitizer for a week and a half now, just a little apprehensive on actually fixing my A2x! (Only one of my buttons doesn't work, so no biggie, yet.) Kudos to you for taking initiative and trying to fix it yourself!
I had remembered how I took it apart and I did double check with videos. 😞 I bought two from Amazon. Ohh! It's way too expensive to get it done someone, I have a $150 dollar phone and it would have cost me $105 dollars to get it fixed 😞 Thanks for the positive support! I hope yours goes well!
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Were you able to solve the problem? Would be interested to know what went wrong and how you righted it!
Hey, noooo 😞 It's currently sitting on my desk and I'm deciding if I should sell it or recycle it. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!