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Phone with no contract

What if I buy a phone on no tab? Does that mean I have to get a contract with it? and if I do can I cancel it first month and pay no extra charges?

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Since Koodo won't sell you a phone without activating it (unless to you're a current subscriber) you'd have to take a plan and pay for one month of service at least. After that month you can cancel. Or you could cancel before but you're still in the hook for a month of service.
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Hi Janathan, Koodo has no term contract plans. If you buy a phone outright with no tab, you can take advantage of the 10% off No Tab Discount. You can also port in your number from another provider.
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FYI : wify had 150 tab in her account . got a phone moto g for 150 , no activation required and brought it home ,.gifted it to a sister for christmas and she ended up activating it in a local mall outlet with koodo , that girl in cornwall centre mall was kind enough to provide a sim for free if we took monthly plan for her instead of prepaid 🙂 she was planing to pay 200$ plus tax for it but i saved her 50$ by using wify's tab for it , no tax charges at all, sounds like good deal to me. yes. you can get non activated phone on a current subscriber . and yes you could.gift or sale and pay your bills with it if you have tab , its just like any other Canadian legal tender . works just fine. cheers and happy new year 🙂
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As long as you're a current subscriber yes (as I mentioned above) but Koodo will not sell you a phone without some sort of activation. Prepaid or monthly. Without being a customer
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Also, if you were provided with a.gift.gift card or prepaid credit card) when you activated & cancel within 30 days you will charged for the ammount of your.gift card on your final invoice.