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Phone usage in China

Have you used your Samsung with Koodo in China. I will only use it for just a few calls and I don't want to buy a Chinese phone. Do I just add on international roaming?

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You will need Pay Per Use Intl Long Distance add-on ($0/month) and, you will need to add International Voice Roaming ($0/month) in order to call and text, while travelling outside of Canada and the U.S http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/Travelling
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As long as you're not on Spending Limit program, then yes. Make sure you add both International voice roaming and pay-per-use international long distance. Also you might want to check the frequencies of your phone to ensure it'll connect to the networks over there.
Great thanks for your responses. Yes, my calls will be very limited and based on Koodo's coverage map and my phone, I should be good to go. I just wanted to hear from someone who has actually had experience since sometimes we told, yes, it will work, but then it doesn't. I will be in Beijing and the area around Beijing.
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Certainly it will work. I use Samsung with Koodo in China last December. It was defaulted on GSM network of China Mobile (CMCC). Otherwise it will be on WCDMA or GSM network of China Unicom (CHN-CUGSM) when out of CMCC coverage. I used it in Shanghai, but I think it should be the same in Beijing.
Thanks again, very useful information