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Phone turns off randomly, doesent turn on unless plugged in.

I have a Galaxy ace x2, i cannot turn on my phone without it being plugged in, and if it isnt plugged in it will turn off within 3-10 minutes. Is this a bad battery or just an easy fix?

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It could be that the battery is not working anymore so you can try putting a new one but if the phone is old, it could also be that the phone is breaking down. Going to need more information.
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What's battery indicator say when you turn on your phone? Low battery or 100% charged...? It could be the battery as John said, or it could be the charging port. You can bring your phone to the nearest Koodo shop to send it for repair if it's still under warranty.
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Generally, if more than a year old, batteries tend to lose their ability to hold a charge, or can only power the device for more than a few minutes. The symptom you describe points to a failing battery and a new battery should fix the problem.
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http://www.amazon.ca/Battpit-trade-Battery-Replacement-Samsung/dp/B00FGJJW8Q or your warranty may still apply as long as there is no signs of physical damage or water damage on the phone and it's been under a year.