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Phone still active after getting a new one.

I got a new phone in September with Wind Mobile. I don't use my Motorola anymore and plan to sell it. The thing is...it's still active under the plan I was using before I switched. What should I do?

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Did you ever call and cancel your line with koodo? If not you Need to.
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Hey Emilie,

Chad's right! If you switched to a different carrier, you need to give us a call at 1-866-995-6636 (Select option 5 then press 0) to make sure your line or account has been cancelled.

Thank you!
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Did you port your number over to the new carrier? If not then there's no way for Koodo (your old carrier) to know you didn't want to use their service anymore. If you did port your number over to the new carrier then your old line will cancel it's self but you will get a final bill for the amount owning for service up until the port plus if you owe anything on the tab for the phone you purchased from Koodo.