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Phone Sending Notification About Dar

My Samsung phone keeps sending me a notification saying that I have no mobile data and it has been turned off by my operator and then the notification disappears. Any idea what could be causing this (I have paid my phone bill so its not that)

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Which Samsung phone do you have? (Go to Settings > About Phone)

How long ago was the payment made?

If payment was made recently, you may have to wait until payment is processed.

Does your phone work otherwise for calling/texting?

I have the galaxy 10e, payment was made the middle of last month for last month's bill and the 30th for April's bill and have never missed a payment. Otherwise my phone works fine for texting and calling 

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Have you reached your monthly data limit?

Edit: You can check this by logging into your self-serve account.

I checked 

I'm no where near my limit 

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That’s odd. Try restarting your phone to see if that will get data up and running. If that doesn’t work, you may have to reset the phones’ network settings. 

The weird thing is my data has been working, im just not sure why I keep getting the notification saying it's been turned off. 

Last time this happened and I called Koodo I think I got told that they didn't turn off my data.  I just dont know  why my phone is saying they have and its super weird 

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Are there any icons in the notification bar that might indicate that a data saver mode is enabled?

Another possibility is that if you have the data monitor set to a specific data limit,  the limit may be preventing your phone from accessing data.

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If the restart and other steps did not work, try resetting your phones’ network settings by going to; Settings > General Management > Reset (tap Reset). Tap Reset network settings. Tap Reset network settings again to confirm. 

Resetting network settings will reset all network settings; Wi-Fi passwords will have to be re-entered, Bluetooth devices will have to be re-paired and mobile data will automatically re-enable itself. VPN settings (if applicable) will have to be re-entered.