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Phone ring a quick short ring and goes straight to the voice mail

when there is an incoming call, my phone does a very quick ring and then it goes straight to the extended voice greeting. how to fix it? I'd like to have it at least ring 4 times before the voice mailbox (in my case, the extended greeting will active as I don't want to use the voice mailbox.) I tried pull batter out and put back in, reboot phone with no luck. please help. thanks.

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Try this link and the link Rikkster provided in the post http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/message_rings
thanks for your info, followed the instructions from that link, but still not work, the phone just about to ring then immediately goes to voice mailbox. not sure what's wrong.
thanks very much, issue resolved. had a phone call to the tech support and get issue fixed, in the mean time, reset the phone to the factory default, select the operator network and all works now. 🙂