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Phone reset ?

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I have the moto g 3 phone when trying some new phone cases I noticed the moto g 3 had a weird screen kind of looked like a reboot screen with the android pic did I press something ?

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Hi Ricardo,

You probably booted the phone into safe mode by accident. Just hold the power button down until the screen turns off, then turn it back on to be booted back into regular mode. 
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Lol how the hell did I end up doing that pressing down volume button ?
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ricardo Ferreira wrote:

Lol how the hell did I end up doing that pressing down volume button ?

I believe so yeah.
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Just curiosity how is it done ? I'm guessing that option is for a frozen phone that's not responding I have the moto g3
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From a Verizon Help Page:
  1. Ensure the device is powered off.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button until the System recovery screen is displayed then release both buttons.
  3. Select Safe mode. [img]http://scache.vzw.com/kb/images/common/linote.gif[/img] Use the Volume buttons to highlight the option, then press the Power button to select.
  4. The device starts up with Safe mode displayed in the lower left. [img]http://scache.vzw.com/kb/images/common/linote.gif[/img] This may take up to 1 minute to complete.
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That method would be used to get into fastboot mode and then recovery on the Moto G. There's no option to get into safe mode from that location. Safe mode is accessed by pressing the power key for about a second. A menu pops up on screen giving options to power off or put the phone in airplane mode. Pressing the power off button on screen for more than a second will give you the option of putting the phone in safe mode.