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Phone replacement / repair

  • 24 January 2017
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Got a Galaxy Note 4 on a tab just over a year ago and got the warranty with it ($7 a month). Recently the phone crashed and will not turn on and so I called in to have it replaced/repaired only to find out that you no longer offer the Note series of phones. I was told a they do not repair phones and I would get a Galaxy S6 as a replacement. In what world is this a replacement for a Note? The two phones are hardly comparable. When I purchased the warranty I was told if it couldn't be repaired (which I wasn't even offered this option) then it would be replaced with another Note of equivalent series or newer. The S6 retails for less than the Note 4, so will my tab price go down? Not a happy customer here.

1 reply

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NOBODY offers the Note Series of phones just now. The Note 7 was recalled worldwide due to exploding batteries, the Note 5 was not sold in Canada by Samsung, and the Note 4 was released 2.5 years ago in the fall of 2014, and is no longer available. The Note 8 is rumoured to be offered sometime this spring or summer. There are a lot of folks with phones replacing the Note 7, which they are not happy with - you are not alone.

Also, Koodo does not offer any warranty for phones - they offer you the purchase of a third party service plan from esecuritel.  Here is all the info for Koodo’s Extended Warranty program. Just select which one by the date you got it.