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Phone recommendations: The Nexus 4 vs. the iPhone4?

I will be upgrading my current BB 9300 soon. I would like to know what everybody thinks about the Nexus 4 vs. the iPhone 4? They are currently both the same price. I am looking for a phone that is simple, and does music/youtube well. What does everybody think?

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iPhone 4 is simple and user friendly if that's your thing, and iOS runs efficiently, but please read this: it is nearly 3 year old hardware. It's aging and has low storage space. Approximately 2GBs is used up by the OS so you're really limiting the stuff you can put on it. Music is well done on iPhones, I'll give them that, but for the same price, the Nexus 4 is leaps and bounds better. The Nexus 4 is slick, fast and responsive. It has no carrier bloatware or proprietary apps. Pure, simple Android 4.2.2. It is a very customizable OS that gives you more freedom over iOS, and that can confuse people sometimes, but you don't necessarily need to use all of the extras it can do - I just like having the options. It's a 1.5GHz quad-core phone with 2GB of RAM. It won't slow down or lag or get choppy. It also has a larger, higher resolution HD screen with excellent clarity and sharpness (for watching videos like you mentioned), a better camera at 8MP + some extra features like photosphere, and it comes with double the storage space at 16GB so you won't have to worry about running out of space vs. the iPhone 4.
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The iPhone 4 is overpriced by today's standards for what it is, and the Nexus 4 is ridiculously underpriced for what it is.
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Humberto Giambrone wrote:

The iPhone 4 is overpriced by today's standards for what it is, and the Nexus 4 is ridiculously u...

This is basically a TL;DR version of my post. 🙂
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I have both phones right now & I would really recommend the Nexus 4 with its bigger display & much faster processor. I know many ppl say that iPhone are the easiest most simple OS but I don't feel that way at all, I feel that Android is much easier to use especially if you have a PC, to transfer files it's a simple drag and drop transfer back & forth & you have file managers in Android right on your phone which iPhone does not & my most frustrating thing with iPhones. . Now the great thing is the Nexus 4 is very simple but at the same time it can be as intricate as you want to make it & it's never dull & an adventure almost constantly being able to take your phone to the next level. The iPhone is also fairly simple but frustrating at times due to its limitations which cause it to become somewhat boring very quickly. Your 2 main wants to use your phone is music & YouTube, well we all know who owns/runs YouTube Google so they're always going to have the best YouTube experience on a Google/Android device. Your other thing was music, there are many apps on the Android PlayStore (app store) that allow for download of music for FREE! where Apple wants you to pay for the music you download. While Google has these apps to download music for free I must strongly suggest against ever downloading paid apps/games from outside the PlayStore the could contain mallard ect. As long as you only download apps/games from the PlayStore then chances are you will never ever download corrupt apps/games so don't worry if you read about viruses on Android because it's always from these pirated sites that offer paid apps for free. Got off track sorry lol. Anyways I strongly suggest the Nexus 4 especially for what is important to you, but your best to go to a store that has working models on display and play around with both and feel them out its always good to do when buying a new device. . NEXUS 4 Though 😉
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If you already have a lot of content purchased from Apple then that makes the iPhone more appealing. As mentioned the Nexus has a lot more guts to it. The iPhone compared better at Christmas time when the price was a little lower and the Nexus price was a little higher. Also, the Nexus is sold unlocked where it costs $50 to unlock the iPhone through Koodo. If you don't already have or don't care about music, movies, apps, from the Apple App Store then go with the Nexus.