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Phone not making calls

I'm trying to get my phone switched. Just a week or 2 after getting my Samsung Galaxy s7 my phone just shut off. So I tried turning it on and it wouldn't turn on. The only way I could get it to turn on was to have it charged. When it came back on it was at 82 percent battery life. The screen would start up and the moment it gets to the home page it shuts off again. After this I tried factory resetting it, it took a few tries to get it right. It still didn't turn on so I kept it off for a whole day for it to fully charged to 100 percent. After that the phone turned on its working great. The only thing now is that I can't make or receive phone calls. I've had this problem for quite some time.. I've only gotten this phone since early December. When I finally gotten a chance to go to a koodo store the representative swapped a different sim card for me. Nothing changed. The representative tried to swap the phone but on my account it had an error message What do I do now? It's so frustrating

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It's good you solved the shutting off issue.

Have you tried your sim in another phone to confirm that you can make and receive calls and it is not an account issue?  Are you able to send and receive texts on your Samsung?

If it is a phone issue, you can return the phone for a refund (if it is within the refund period) or you would need to go through the warranty process.  I dont think swapping the phone on your account in that screen shot is what should be done, which is the reason for the error.
Dennis wrote:

It's good you solved the shutting off issue.

Have you tried your sim in another phone to confirm...

HEY thanks for replying. I have tried inserting my sim into another phone and it made calls. Text messages still go through I will probably try the refund idea. Thanks!