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phone lasted only a year :( need help with replacing it

so unfortunately my htc one m8 i got just last year has become very inconvenient with me even tho I've treated my phone with such care. the top portion of the screen has now stopped working as well as a yellow coloration on the screen right by the volume rocker appeared. I don't know what to do, I recently visited a kiosk and told me my warranty just expired(i believe last day was 14th of may) and suggested customer support and see what they could to see if they could do something better for me. So went home and called, customer support told me that i should pay my remaining $-250 balance and upgrade instead. I don't really want to have to spend $250 at the moment and ontop of that spend extra for a new phone at the same time. I was wondering if there's anything else i should do or can do about my situation? I'll be willing to pay but I would prefer to not pay so much. It's really become a hassle for me not being able to see my notification or click anything around that area. Please help!

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lol @ customer support You can sell your phone for parts, and get a new phone with the $$ you get from that. Or get your phone repaired, which will cost you $$.
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EBay and Kijiji are great options to consider
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Any way you look at it, you will still have that $250 tab hanging around your neck. If money is really tight, you might be able to buy a used unlocked or Koodo phone from a third party that is SIM compatible, and install the HTC SIM into it. No need to notify anyone, and your number, account, etc. stays the same. You will be out some cash up front, but you will have bought some time and will be slowly paying off your tab until you are in a position to liquidate it entirely. May be worth investigating third-party repairs since you are out-of-warranty: check on Kijiji in your area.
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Even if warranty is expired they can still send it to repair. You'll need to pay it out of your pocket. They should tell you how much the cost will be.( it could be expensive) Also you can check your local repair shop. I found a good repair shop in my area and they fixed it with reasonable price. (I went to 6-7 different places to talk to people at store and I checked all their reviews too )