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phone keeps buzzing for 2-3 minutes, very annoying

Every now and then my Samsung phone would keep buzzing , sometime for 3 minutes or so. How do I stop this

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Hi Derek, What type of Samsung is it, also how and when does the "buzzing" occur?
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Any phone can begin to buzz if some specific apps are installed that are triggering that buzzing, or if it's a setting for notifications coming in. I had that problem and I diseabled notification. If not using Data, turn it off and find out if buzzing will stop.
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Hello Derek, Just to expand more on the posts above, it could also be the battery if it is water damaged. If you are able to pull out the battery there should be a white strip attached to it, if the strip is pink or red, that means that the phone has been exposed to moisture or direct water contact. I don't recommend using the phone if this is the case as it may swell and explode. But if it just an app your downloaded, then you can go to settings and turn off notifications on that specific app.