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Phone is useless from os updates and dead battery. need upgrade

I got a Galaxy II X. gt-s7560m It's gotten slower and slower every os update update, right now it take about 5 minutes to power up (boot to unlock). Then another 5 for the phone to stabilize and be able to do phone calls (or accept touch inputs to start apps) The battery runs out after 45 minutes. Even if the darn thing is powered off... or lasts for a 5 minute call I need to update the phone. I would say it's defective from os incompatibility (not enough power to run the os) and dead battery. 1)What phone can I get that is compatible with the network? 2) am I limited to what is listed on the koodo phone page? 3) Can I get another (any) phone and put in my sim card and go on as usual? 4) Can I trade in my phone with koodo for a better one? with the trade in as extra credit?

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Other than Google updates and app updates the Ace Iix hasn't received a firmware update since release as far as I can tell. You definitely have a battery or charging issue but because the ace iix is a giant wad of failure, I don't recommend bothering to get it fixed. Any phone that is sold for use on Telus /Koodo networks will work fine for Koodo (many won't even need unlocking) you are not limited to the phones that koodo sells and yes you can place your sim in a new phone and as long as that phone is unlocked and compatible, it will work. If you're looking to buy a used device, it must minimally use HSPA bands 850/1900 mhz Suggestions for you would be anything in the current koodo Line up, check for phone features and don't buy anything single core. No flip phones either You can trade in your phone but I'm not sure how much value you'll get for it. I sold mine privately for 60$ Just a heads up that if you still owe a tab balance on this gigantic doorstop of a phone, you'll need to pay that off in order to get another one on a tab from Koodo.
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If you're looking for something good on a small Tab or small price outright, the Moto G, Core LTE (fixed all of the Ace II X issues), and Lumia 635 are all wonderful budget options. I've used them all for a brief period and my dad has the Core himself. Otherwise like Chad said, any unlocked phone which supports 850/1900 HSPA bands (1700/2100 for LTE) will work fine.
You're right about the os updates. I should have said essential apps update. I write android games, so that cheap Samsung phone does come in handy to ensure compatibility over a large market. So I will likely keep it for testing. My new phone has to have a good gpu Run popular games well enough without lag Have developer access Have a good size screen Max budget 150$-$250 Good battery life Recommendation would be appreciated: https://shop.koodomobile.com/phones/models/index.html off best buy Telus Phones http://www.bestbuy.ca/Search/SearchResults.aspx?type=product&filter=category%3ABest+Buy+Mobile%3Bwirelesscarrier0enrchparsevalue%3ATELUS&page=1&sortBy=date&sortDir=desc
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Gilles Page wrote:

You're right about the os updates. I should have said essential apps update. I write android g...

Have you considered a Motorola Moto G?
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A nexus 5 or 4 would be my recommendation
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Personally, I would shop around on Kijiji or similar sites to see if you can get a good deal on a recent flagship device like the Galaxy S4, the older Galaxy Note 2 or possibly a second generation Moto G. Most newer devices take either a micro or nanoSIM card, whereas the Ace 2x takes the larger standard sized SIM card. If you get an unlocked device for example, you'll have to buy a micro or nanoSIM card (depending on the device) insert it in your new device, adjust the APN settings and that should be it. Since newer models have superseded the S4 and Note 2, people are looking to unload their gently used gear. They're priced right around the higher end of what you're looking to spend and there's usually some room for haggling. Battery life is subjective in my opinion and varies greatly between how one person uses their device compared to the next person. That said, the Note 2 has a 3100 mAh removable battery which should provide plenty of screen on time. I also like the idea of having a device that has both a removable battery and expandable storage.