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Phone is not turning on

Hello Team,

Day before yesterday, i forgot to charge my phone so battery dried out and it turned off automatically.  Yesterday i tried to charge my phone, but its not charging at all and not turning on. I assume there is some issue with the battery.

Tried charging with other cables, but wasn't working.
Tried removing the battery and put it on again, but wasn't working.

I bought this mobile just 10 months back.

Mobile: Samsung S3
Place: Bought at BestBuy
Bill: Monthly customer
Number: 5062619505

Should i come to any koodo service centre directly with my mobile and bill?

Karthikeyan Sugumar

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Hello Karthikeyan and welcome ! I'll start with there's no need to post your number. Some phones when the battery discharges fully won't accept a steady charge but I don't recall the S3 having that issue. Is there even a screen flicker or a led light that turns on even for a second when you plug it in? If it came down to returning it, I would try Bestbuy first but I'm not certain in that case.
Yes. When there is absolute dark, i could see that screen tries to flash, not LED but couldn't. But it vibrates and that's it. I have contacted BestBuy, they told me that i need to contact Koodo for fixing up the mobile or for any other options.

Can i walk in directly to any koodo shop to discuss this? Since i dont have a phone, i have no other option.
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Ye you can come in to any Koodo shop. It could be as simple a fix as a new battery or there's an issue with the charging port. You will get a loaner phone until yours I fixed / replaced.
Thank you very much. I could see there are two koodo mobile shops near my transit route
1220 Prospect St Fredericton and 1399 Regent St Fredericton. But,there is no working hours mentioned in the koodo website. Could you please let me know the working hours of these 2 koodo shops.

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I'd have to Google it honestly. You can use Skype or Google voice to call them from your computer for free as well.
Okay. Thanks. Have a good day !
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The Regent Mall one is 10am-9pm and that's the standard weekday business hours afaik for Koodo stores.
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Np! Let us know if there are any issues.
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Hello Karthikeyan! We had to remove your email from your post as personal info can't be added here.
By the way, here is a link concerning your one year manufacturer's warranty: http://koo.do/JVO5Mk Hope that helps 🙂

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If you drained completely the battery you need to keep charging your phone for hours, possibly disconnecting it every now and then for a few minutes. You are anyway in luck with the S3 because you can buy a battery replacement and that is very inexpensive.
Thank you. Will sure try that.